Warehousing & Racking

Is your warehouse organized? Identify and organize your warehouse industry with our range of industrial rack, shelf and warehouse labels.

Custom labels for industrial warehouses

The most advanced materials and printing technologies are used to provide durable warehouse labels, magnetic labels, adhesive labels and safety signage. Certags boasts a large range of pre-printed custom labels, as well as on-site printing solutions for all your labeling needs.

We understand the importance of customizing warehouse and inventory labels with barcodes, alpha, numeric, and alphanumeric content. Our warehouse labels come in 1D and 2D (QR Codes) barcode formats, and all are unique to suit your needs.

Largest range of tag, label and signage products

Our range of warehouse labels includes but is not limited to:

  • Warehouse rack labels
  • Magnetic rack and shelf labels
  • Waterproof shipping labels
  • Waterproof self-adhesive labels
  • Barcoded warehouse labels
  • Floor signage
  • Location labels
  • Blank and sequential labels
  • 2D barcodes QR Code labels
magnetic racking labels with barcode warehouse

Magnetic Racking Labels

Our versatile and convenient option for marking racks and other storage areas in industrial warehouses.

barcoded warehouse racking label

Custom Warehouse Labels

Durable and long-lasting  labels and signs to improve warehouse efficiency.

warehouse label pallet labels

Pallet Labels

Best for identifying goods and pallets,  allow for better tracking and accuracy.

location bin labels

Bin Location Labels

Label storage bins, shelving units, or other containers in the warehouse.

forklift floor marking in a warehouse

Floor Markings and Signs

Increased visibility and clarity of hazards and guidelines in the warehouse.

Aisle Markers

Aisle Markers

Enhance warehouse navigation & safety with quality aisle markers. Corflute, poly plastic, metal, PVC materials available.

We can print any industrial label to suit your needs.

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Print on site label features

  • 10x thicker label stock than other leading brands on the market
  • Ideal for printing shipping, warehousing & asset labels
  • Label stock comes as Aggressive Adhesive, Repositionable Non-residue Adhesive or No Adhesive Tag Material
  • Label stocks available in a range of sizes to suit your needs
  • Printer comes with free software
  • Lifetime warranty
Certags Equipment Inspection Tags Product Features

Pre-printed label features

  • Fully customizable with barcodes, qr codes, sequential numbering and your branding for better visibility
  • Come in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes
  • Full color printing available
  • Heavy duty and hard wearing. All our labels are made to withstand a minimum of 5 years in outdoor conditions.
  • UV stable, weather and chemical resistant
Certags Equipment Inspection Tags Product Features

Re-mountable warehouse labels can be removed and repositioned without leaving residue.

Market leaders in industrial labeling

Certags is a worldwide leader in supplying industrial identification, certification and inspection tags, labels and stickers for heavy industries.

Maintain visibility, safety, compliance and track vital equipment. Our global network is the fastest growing today, with tag and label specialists located in Australia, Europe, America and the UK. Certags have been supporting clients working in the lifting and rigging, oil and gas, scaffolding, construction, height safety, warehouse, manufacturing, shipping, entertainment and engineering sectors since 2001.

By experiencing and understanding our clients’ unique challenges, we can find the right tag and label solutions to keep operations running smoothly.

Quality Branded Solutions

Identify your industrial labels with custom branding and information of your choice, made with the highest quality materials.

  • Durable labels that won’t peel at the edges
  • Variety of custom options such as laminate flaps, perforations and holes
  • Full color printing
  • Large choice of materials and configurations, guided by our expert staff
  • Free complimentary artwork service with each product so your tags and labels come out just the way you want it.

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