Inspection Tags and Labels

Ensure safety at a glance with our range of inspection tagging solutions.

Certags supplies and manufactures heavy duty tags and labels for equipment safety and inspections for a variety of industries such as lifting and rigging, fall protection and height safety, mining, and construction.

Our tags and labels are made to withstand harsh environments and can be customized according to your business needs: various colors, shapes, and materials are available.

You should always have your lifting, rigging, and height safety equipment evaluated and tagged by a competent individual* to guarantee a safe workplace environment.

Equipment tags and inspection tags serve as visual indicators of whether a piece of equipment or tool was inspected during the current inspection period, and its colour is changed every time an inspection is performed. They are an essential tool for ensuring safety and compliance and can help reduce the likelihood of accidents by identifying machines that should be maintained and labeled on a regular basis.

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*Always check the inspection standards and protocols for your specific industry and application

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tool and cord inspection tags

Popular Inspection Tags

Lifting & Rigging Tags

Nilsen Electrical Cord Inspection Tag

Hose Tags

SGN Asset Label with Barcoding

Tool & Cord Inspection Tags

SGN Asset Label with Barcoding

Harness Tags

bat tags, fall protection identification forms, fall protection checklist, fall protection writeable inspection tags, height safety, height safety tags, height safety inspection

Fire Safety Tags & Labels

fire extinguisher labels

Ladder Tags

SGN Asset Label with Barcoding

Quarterly Labels

SGN Asset Label with Barcoding

Sling Tags

Yellow writeable rubber sling tag

Flange and Torque Tags

flange tags 3 colors

Backflow Tags

backflow test tag

We can print any inspection tag to suit your needs.

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Tag- en labelfuncties

Onze labels en etiketten zijn:

  • Gemaakt om buiten minimaal 5 jaar te weerstaan
  • UV-stabiel
  • Chemisch bestendig
  • Scheurbestendig
  • Water- en weerbestendig
  • Volledig aanpasbaar
  • Verkrijgbaar in verschillende vormen en maten
  • Zelfklevende en niet-klevende opties beschikbaar


Identificeer je labels met aangepaste branding en informatie naar keuze, gemaakt met materialen van de hoogste kwaliteit.

  • Duurzame labels die niet afbladderen aan de randen
  • Diverse aangepaste opties zoals laminaatflappen, perforaties en gaten
  • Afdrukken in full colour
  • Grote keuze aan materialen en configuraties, begeleid door onze deskundige medewerkers
  • Gratis artwork service bij elk product zodat je tags en labels precies worden zoals jij het wilt.

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