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Certags have been manufacturing inspection and identification tags and labels for over 20 years.

Identify your industrial labels with custom branding and information of your choice, made with the highest quality materials.

  • Durable labels that won’t peel at the edges
  • Variety of custom options such as laminate flaps, perforations and holes
  • Full color printing
  • Large choice of materials and configurations, guided by our expert staff
  • Free complimentary artwork service with each product so your tags and labels come out just the way you want it.

Typical information includes inspection dates, inspection results, signatures of inspectors, and any maintenance or repair notes. Additionally, tags may include instructions for use or emergency contact information.

The frequency of inspections depends on regulatory requirements and workplace conditions. In general, equipment should be inspected regularly, typically on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, to ensure it remains in good working condition.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that shower/eyewash equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. This task may be assigned to designated personnel, such as safety officers or maintenance staff, who are trained to conduct inspections properly.

If you notice any issues with the equipment, such as leaks, blockages, or damage, you should report them immediately to your supervisor or safety officer. It’s essential to address any problems promptly to ensure the equipment remains operational in case of an emergency.

Yes, Certags manufactures and supplies custom tags that allow you to add your company logo, specific inspection procedures, or other relevant information. Customization can help tailor the tags to your workplace requirements and enhance their effectiveness.

Tags should be securely attached to the emergency shower and eyewash equipment, preferably in a visible location near the activation handle or valve. This ensures that inspectors and employees can easily access and reference the information on the tags.

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