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Metal Tags and Labels

Custom tagging solutions for your assets and equipments.

Certags can supply adhesive and non-adhesive metal tags and labels printed with barcodes, QR codes and serial numbers. In cases where crucial assets and equipment must be labeled with essential data, etching provides a permanent record of information that won’t fade over time.

We offer stainless steel and aluminum with various thicknesses to suit your application and environment. Choose from laser-printed or etched and filled print.

Popular applications include:

  • Equipment Nameplates
  • Heavy Machinery Metal Tags
  • Asset Id Metal Tags
  • Metal Asset Tags
  • Metal Valve Tags
  • Metal Inspection Tags

Metal tags can be attached using our quick screw wire rope connectors.

Features of Certags Metal Tags and Labels:

  • Adhesive and non-adhesive options
  • Choice of stainless steel and aluminum
  • QR Code, barcodes and sequential numbering
  • Custom shapes and size
  • Various thickness available
  • Full Color Printing

Have any questions or specific business requirements? Our friendly and knowledgeable team are happy to advise you on product options and configurations.

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