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Who We Are

Certags was established under the name of Promark in 2001, with a focus serving the electrical industry with safety tags and labels. From there, we then diversified into Industrial Tags and Labels with a focus on application specific products suitable for use in the harshest of working environments. This brings us to our global brand Certags, joining the focus on both safety and quality and serving our customers within all heavy industries with a new range of products and supplies.

Our Vision here at Certags is to give our customers an incredible customer service experience as well as supplying them with the highest quality identification solutions. Our products are designed to withstand harsh industrial working conditions, be fully customized, remain in full conformance to the necessary requirements and relevant standards in any industry space. As well as being a specialist manufacturer of industrial tags and labels, we also supply the ComplyPro range of On-Site Do-It-Yourself printing solutions. These industrial printing machines are designed to provide the best, most affordable sign and label printers and our full range of supplies means our customers can make a full range of identification products. Whether it's for Safety Signage, Pipe Marking, Inventory Management, 5S Lean Implementation or General Signage, a ComplyPro machine will more than exceeds your needs.

Samples of our pre-printed customized tags and labels, or label sets that have been made on ComplyPro machines are available so that you can experience the impressive quality of the products for yourself.


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Strategy and Culture

Our Vision and Strategy for the business shape everything we do. It forms a relevant and compelling ambition for all stakeholders and employees.

We pride ourselves on having a clear, relevant and innovative mission and strategy that is based on the values of the founding shareholders. The essence of Certags’s vision centres on it being a supplier of labels, tags and a printing enterprise driven by innovation, with technical excellence in design, customer experience and quality at its core.

Our Vision:

- To be the first choice for all safety labelling, tag or printing needs within the heavy industries worldwide.

- To give our customers an outstanding customer service experience.

- To supply the highest quality products.

Our Values:

- Working as a team to help each other thrive.

- Lead by example.

- Deliver quality on time, every time.

- Provide exceptional customer support.

- Collaborate with clients and partners.