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Water-Resistant Tags and Labels

Our laminated Polypropylene and High Grade PVC Tags & Labels are Water-Resistant. This makes them perfect for use in areas that are exposed to or frequently submerged in water.

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Specialising in Heavy Duty Tags & Labels to suit all industrial applications has meant that time and again our Tags & Labels have been used in environments where water is in constant contact with the product .

The industrial strength adhesives used also differ to those used on standard labeling stocks and after years of refining our method of coating the adhesives onto the face stocks we have come up with waterproof labels that are guaranteed to cope with all types of harsh environments.

Whether it is:

  • appliances that are used outdoors
  • Labels for pumps and hoses
  • Asset labels for equipment being used in the marine industry
  • Agricultural labels 
  • Identification of equipment being used in an aquatic centre
Request Free Water-Resistant Tags & Labels Sample Pack

At Certags we understand that corporate brand recognition is of utmost importance! If you want your company logo and details represented on your water resistant Tags & Labels, we can have our artwork department incorporate it.