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Surface Mount

The heavy duty Surface Mount labels are designed for applications on a variety of industrial surfaces. The Surface Mount’s quality adhesive technology ensures a dependable hold on many different surface types. Sold with a permanent marking pen. Available in a range of sizes with the following customization options:

  • Barcoding
  • Full color
  • Custom text to suit your requirements
  • Short run orders – a minimum of 500 tags
  • Fast turn around time

Ideal for inspecting:

Lifting Beams, Load Restraint Equipment, Flat Web Slings, Concrete Panel Fittings, Wire Rope Slings, Crane Ropes, Alloy Chain Slings, Man-boxes, Endless/Round Slings, Height Safety Lines, Shackles, Rescue Equipment, Ladders, Rigging Blocks, Fibre Ropes and Hoisting Equipment, Chain Blocks and Lever Blocks, Plate Clamps, Hooks, Scissor Clamps, Work Boxes, Pallet Lifters, Level Blocks, Bleeding Rollers, Webbing Slings, Eyebolts, Spreader Bars, C Hooks, and Forklift Jibs.

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Our tags and labels are widely used throughout the Lifting & Rigging industry.