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Vinyl Tape

Vinyl Tape

Your ComplyPro industrial printing machines will produce the best ½” – 8” signs and labels with the flexible properties of vinyl tape from Certags.

We supply you with the most durable, high quality vinyl tape to ensure your ½” – 8” labeling complies with the high standards required of importance identification and compliance notices.

Order your ½” – 8” vinyl tape from Certags and get:

  • A choice of multiple color options
  • Labeling material that meets Grade A industrial standards
  • Material that can withstand temperatures of over 200°F
  • Material that’s resistant to most industrial chemicals, UV light, and water
  • Material that’s polished and acrylic-adhesive to provide a longer lifespan
  • Superior flexibility, durability, and lifespan

We supply vinyl tape suitable for all labeling applications including Outdoor, Food, Marine and Standards Compliance.

For special conditions or situations, be sure to check out our range of specialty supplies.

Contact us and get the most versatile vinyl tape available!

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