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Inspection and Next Service Due

Certags is the global leader in the ‘inspection’ and ‘next service due’ market.

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Whether you are conducting inspections on equipment in your workplace or providing an after sales service on equipment in your customers workplace, it is extremely important that there is a label or tag applied to indicate the service or inspection has taken place and when the next work is due.

For third party providers of inspection services and companies providing after sales services, leaving an inspection/service label or tag on the equipment with a company logo can help prompt the customer to call back for all ongoing work. A range of these labels we supply for a variety of customers can be seen below:

For companies that internalize their inspection process’, having a tag or label which indicates an inspection has occurred is extremely important.  Put your own company logo and inspection details to act as a visual identifier to all staff and contractors as well as an asset management tool. Industrial tags and labels has the ability to colour code for the identification of periodic inspections & insert sequential numbers and inspection&servicings for asset management.

Request Free Inspection and Servicing Tags & Labels Sample Pack