RFID & UltraWrap

Asset management is becoming increasingly popular within the entertainment hire industry as companies move from paper to digital solutions. The biggest draw for companies is time saved on site searching for serial numbers and checking in and out equipment on hire.  

Unlike other ridged/loose RFID products the UltraWrap’s self-bonding application process clings smoothly to even the most difficult equipment to tag. Popular applications include lifting equipment, cables, lighting and rigging.   

No heat or glue required, the UltraWrap simply bonds to itself, instantly forming a water and airtight seal rated up to 260°C.  

The UltraWrap can be used to encapsulate NFC, RFID and Barcodes, immediately elevating the identifier to an industrial standard suable for the entertainment hire industry.  

The UltraWrap is THE asset management solution for the entertainment industry, and it needs to be seen to be believed

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Sequential Numbering

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Self Bonding

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