Identification, Inspection and Asset Management Labels

Low Profile Wraps

The ultimate combo is the Low Profile Wrap and ComplyPro printer. Ideal for printing industrial on-site cable identification labels. So easy to now tag entertainment hire equipment with color-coded and numbered identification wraps.

The Low Profile Wrap version has a thinner profile for medium to heavy duty applications, both versions have the same great adhesive capabilities and clear cover protection that is waterproof, UV resistant, oil and weatherproof.

This label is so easy to apply with the first step is to attach the adhesive to the cable then the clear tail wraps over the protected information, meaning your information is full protected. The clear tail means they can be used on any size cable, hose or lead.

The ComplyPro printer is very simple to set up. Every printer comes with a FREE ComplyPro Label Designer application. This will allow you to create a template library, import from excel and print barcodes / QR codes at the touch of a button, saving you time and money.

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Product Features

full color wheel

5 Colors

barcode printer, qr label printable, asset management software and printer


sequential numbering

Sequential Numbering

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black and white print

Black and White Print





full laminate

Full Laminate

sign and seal tag

Sign & Seal

complypro compatible

ComplyPro Compatible

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The possibilities are endless, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

barcode printer, qr label printable, asset management software and printer