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Metal Tags and Adhesive-Backed Metal Labels

Offering options in adhesive and stainless steel at a variety of material thicknesses, Certags is well position to offer you a custom tag or metal label for your equipment tagging needs. We have options for color print, engraved, or etched and filled.

Utilize Certags metal tags and labels for hose identification, listing service dates, manufacturer information, maximum working pressure, maximum test pressure, and more. To Utilize Certags metal tags and labels for equipment identification, listing service dates, manufacturer information, load ratings, and more. 

Metal tags can be attached to a hose or adhered via adhesive.

Please see our product features and some popular tag layouts below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Certags Metal Inspection Tags Product Features
Lifting Industry Metal Tags and Labels Popular Layouts

The Certags Process

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