What is Frame?

Your industrial equipment works hard – your asset management software should too.

Our new paperless asset management solution – Frame – provides a 360° perspective on all your equipment’s safety and performance; giving you the confidence to keep vital operations on track.

  • Update your inspection data in real-time from any device; store it safely in the cloud.
  • Understand exactly how your data is being recorded; what, where, when, and by who.
  • Pull tailored reports and schedule useful reminders; to stay one step ahead on compliance.

How it works

If you’re already using Certags identification products, Frame is the logical next step towards real-time appreciation of your entire asset portfolio.

Like our industrial identification solutions, Frame is fully-customisable to your specific business and industry needs, working in three consistently easy steps:


Scan your equipment’s QR or Radio-frequency identification (RFID) labels/tags, using any handheld device. Your data is instantly registered on our cloud-based system.


Classify your assets, creating unique inspection criteria and pass/fail checklists for each. En­hance your data by applying employee records, date stamps, geo-tags and photographic proof of each inspection.


Track inspection data in real time, schedule check-ups, set SMS or email reminders, or pull up-to-the-minute reports. Gain an overview of your asset portfolio, site-specific information or individual KPI data; through fully-traceable and verifiable recording.

Frame puts you in control by digitizing your business processes, and optimising your workflows.