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Appliance Test Tags

Identification and Inspection Tags and Labels

Extension Cords, Portable Electrical Appliances and Equipment are required to be inspected frequently to ensure safety in the workplace. Around the world there is different terminology used to describe these inspections such as:

  • Plug and Cord Inspections (The USA)
  • PAT Testing (The UK)
  • Portable Appliance Testing and Tagging (Australia and New Zealand)
  • NEN3140 Inspections (The Netherlands)
  • DIN VDE 0701-0702 Inspections (Germany)

Certags manufactures a range of hard wearing labels that wrap around the extension cord of the appliance to identify that an inspection has taken place. These tags come with a laminated flap that allows you to write and seal your written information to protect it from degradation.

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The Certags Process

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