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Safety Signs

Safety signs are not only compulsory in the workplace, but beneficial to your company as well. A safe, compliant workplace has fewer accidents and a more safety conscious workforce.

This guide will provide you with a list of safety signs, when to use them, and how to interpret them.

Learn the importance of:

  • Visual communication of safety procedures
  • Standards governing safety signs
  • Planning and implementing a safety sign system
  • Compliance to standard safety procedures
  • How workplace safety signs are classified

Create a safer work environment

In an industrial setting, one of the most important aspects of productive operation is to have correct, visible safety signs. They protect the lives and environment of everyone in the workplace.

This guide explains the main safety signs that can be found in industrial settings. These signs are often more visual in nature than written signage, for quick understanding and translation across languages. Signs are available in a range of forms and include the use of different shapes and symbols as well as colors. To ensure that the message is clear and provides instructions on what should be done, safety signs now include labels and directives for observers.

Due to potential dangers and hazards, clear and compliant safety signs are vital to helping provide a safe workplace. Responsible management will never compromise when there is a need to provide safety information.

Make your own high quality safety signs that are fully compliant to standard safety legislation and procedures with the help of our free guide.

Allow your company the smooth growth it needs by ensuring it is fully safety compliant.

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