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ComplyPro XL

ComplyPro XL

Superior Wide Format Printing

Create bold messages with wide high resolution output printing

Flexible Workstation

If you’re looking to make sign and label printing easy, then you’ll love the ComplyPro XL. It comes with a touch screen for easy processing and the entire workstation is easy to set up. Simply plug it in wherever you need to work without the need to connect to a network. If your printer needs to move, the ComplyPro XL makes it easy to do so.

One Printer for All Sizes

The ComplyPro XL wide format printer is designed to handle 9” wide labels, however, it also accommodates your 4”, 6”, 7” and 8” prints. No matter what the width, your resolution is always high definition with a resolution of 300 dpi.

Simple Operation

User friendly software ensures easy use of your ComplyPro XL label printer. The machine is straightforward to load and just as easy to operate. Training your staff is quick and easy due to the touch screen’s pictogram system.

Durable Surface Printing

All labels are weatherproof with the durable label printing of the ComplyPro XL. Whether exposed to extreme heat, sunlight, cold or wet conditions - they will withstand the harshest conditions. These labels are also dirt & oil resistant, making the ComplyPro XL perfect for industrial & outdoor label printing.

Our most popular vinyl for use with this printer

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