Lifting and Rigging: Color Coded Inspection Tagging

Regular inspections are vital to ensure the safety of your equipment.

It is globally accepted that equipment that is used to for Lifting and Rigging applications is subjected to the harshest of work conditions. The lifting and rigging industries use color coded inspection tags to provide a quick visual indicator that a piece of equipment is safe for use.

Usually, a color coded inspection tag or label will indicate the last inspection date. This will provide a critical prompt for anyone on that work site as to whether that piece of equipment is safe for use. This tag will sometimes have other information on it like:

  • Who the inspection person was
  • The inspection company
  • Exact date of inspection
  • A serial number or barcode so there is a record against the item and when it was inspected
Lifting and Rigging Inspection Tag Color Chart

Pictured: RGBY system for 3 monthly inspections.

How often should I conduct an inspection?

At a minimum, yearly inspection intervals are advised*. Many companies implement more stringent inspection procedures that encourage three monthly or even monthly inspection intervals.

Occupational Health and Safety organizations in different regions and countries have guidelines for the manner in which Lifting and Rigging Equipment should be tagged and inspected.

A few leading global regulatory bodies that work closely with local OH&S organizations are:

These organizations are experts in the highest standards of safety compliance. They help private and public organizations formulate protocols that guide Lifting and Rigging equipment inspection intervals depending on the environment that it is being used in.

*The information provided are general guidelines. Please make sure to properly research the specific inspection requirements for your application and country.

Certags supports the work of all Occupational Health and Safety organizations and any regulatory body trying to further on-site safety. With Tags and Labels for all types of Safety and Identification Applications, browse our site and find the best inspection solution for you.

green rigging inspection tag

Pictured: The Zip Tag is the most popular inspection tag for lifting and rigging

Custom Lifting and Rigging Inspection Tags and Labels

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