BARCODES vs QR CODES vs RFID Table of Contents What are the differences? Barcodes, QR Codes and RFID: Comparison Chart Barcodes (1D Barcodes) QR Codes (2D Barcodes) RFID Barcodes vs QR Codes vs RFID: Which is better? Which technology is right for me? Free barcode and QR product samples What are the differences? When it comes to asset tracking and management, there are three leading technologies that businesses can choose from: barcodes, QR codes, and
Assured Grounding color coding for equipment A guide to being compliant with OSHA safety inspection requirements Electrical hazards can be found in nearly every industrial workplace. Whether the hazard is posed by worn or damaged power tools or cords, improperly grounded tools or equipment, or the presence of standing water, it is the responsibility of the company to make sure the tools and equipment employees use are in safe working order, and that processes are
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A guide to hose identification tags, labels and markings Hydraulic hose tags, labels and markings are critical components in various industries, as hydraulic systems are employed in many sectors such as construction, energy, and manufacturing. Hydraulic hose identification tags, labels and nameplates are used among companies to provide timely and concise information for different purposes. Why do you need to tag and label your hoses? Hose identification products are intended to assist users in ensuring
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5 Industries that benefit the most from Asset Identification and Asset Tracking When companies have never used asset tracking before, their primary concern is determining which assets to track and how they can help grow their business. Asset identification and tracking has been tried and tested in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, the automotive industry and education sector. Asset management and tracking can be beneficial to almost every sector. Whether you are recording asset maintenance for safety
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How asset tracking can boost your business performance As technology progresses and we move towards more efficient business processes, the tracking and maintenance of assets is becoming increasingly important. Many business owners face a common issue in their company’s development and growth, which can cause lost revenue and missed opportunities. Some major causes include: Not knowing which assets are producing revenue Lost assets Equipment failure due to mediocre maintenance Regulatory issues Barcodes and QR Codes