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BatTag is made from heavy-duty PVC and are designed to be securely applied to equipment using a nylon clip. These durable, tear-resistant tags are tough enough for use in harsh conditions

Common Applications

General inspections, fall-protector, anchor points, tools and cards.       

Application Instructions

1. Peel the backing from adhesive tail.

2. Wrap the tag around equipment and apply to itself.

3. Secure nylon clip to tag with pliers, ensuring both front and tail are locked in place.

Popular Styles

With BatTag we provide many ways for you to record information about dates, inspection intervals, employee informations, and more. Here are few suggestions.


Designated Fields for hand-written information are ideal for completion in the field.

Hole Punch

A great alternative to handwriting punch style tag offer a quick way to identify inspection information.

QR/Bar Code

For site with electronic record keeping, scanable codes are an easy and convenient way to manage assets.

Color Coding

Color coding is a clasic way to identify and clasify equipment based on type, purpose, inspection periode , etc.