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Certags Website Officially Selected for CSS Garden Award

Certags is very pleased to announce that we won a CSS Garden award for our website!

Launched in late October of 2013, our re-designed site, Certags.com, was selected to be featured on the homepage of popular web gallery CSS Garden. Furthermore, our website also received the coveted CSS Garden award, which is given to the most fantastic and original web designs from around the world.

CSS, the abbreviation of cascading style sheets, is used by web designers to create the face of a website that most people are used to seeing (vs. the behind-the-scenes code).

Certags.com was revamped with the help of Portland, Ore.-based Hello World Design. The site was given a clean, responsive design to better serve the needs of our customers and reflect the high standard to which we hold our products and customer service standards to.

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